WeLoveDads (and WeLoveMoms) is a movement whose mission is to spread LOVE and OPTIMISM throughout the parenting community!

WeLoveDads Story
The inspiration for #WeLoveDads Movement came after Hogan Hilling invited dads in his parenting network to participate in the 1st coffee table book to feature dads. DADLY Dads: Parents of the 21st Century features 115 dads from a variety of family dynamics and 11 different countries. Each dad is given a two-page spread with photos and content written by them.

As Hilling collected the photos from the dads he realized today’s dads needed a bigger platform to dispel the unfair stigma of dads as incompetent parents and more importantly prove Fatherhood Is Alive and Well!

WeLoveDads Pledge
We are proud to be a movement that equally respects, values and loves dads and moms of every family dynamics and race. No bias, discrimination, judgment, criticism, politics or negativity.

WeLoveDads #1 goal is to honor dads who represent fatherhood at its best throughout the calendar year. Other goals are to create a platform that provides a louder voice for fatherhood and a Speakers Bureau of dads and moms.

WeLoveDads Q & A
Are you tired of the social pressure to be the “perfect 24/7 parent?”

Are you tired of the unfair stigma that portray dads as incompetent parents?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Ignored? Weary? Unappreciated?

Would you like to be part of a refreshing parent’s network that focuses on the positive aspects of parenting and welcomes dads and moms of every family dynamic and race?

Would you like to leave a better parenting legacy and community for the kids who may someday become parents?

If you answered YES to all these questions, continue reading to see if you’d like to join the #WeLoveDads Movement.

Invitation to Support WeLoveDads
#WeLoveDads invites you to show your love for dads by nominating a dad in your community who you feel serves as a great parent role model.

On Father’s Day we will present awards to 10 dads for being a great parent role model in their community. And then hope to continue to do so throughout the year on a quarterly basis

Why WeLoveDads Is Important

Dad Marketing feels our culture places a lot of pressure on dads to fulfill the unrealistic fantasy of the “perfect parent.”

We also feel there is a lot of misinformation about father absence and believe the responsible, active dads far outnumber the irresponsible, absent dads the media and fatherhood organizations continue to focus on.

In addition, with so much focus on the challenges of being a parent many dads over look what a wonderful job they and other dads are doing everyday.

The truth is most dads are doing an amazing job as parents.

Another reality is that families are different now. It’s not just moms who stay at home, and it’s not just dads who are the breadwinners, but the media and marketing aren’t keeping up with todays’ modern families. That’s where we step in.


  • for who they are.
  • who support gender equality.
  • who serve as good role models.
  • for the different way they parent.
  • who show kids that they are valued.
  • who make kids feel safe and secure.
  • who set a high standard for motherhood.
  • who want to unify the parenting community.
  • who wish to leave a better parenting legacy for the kids.

If you’d like more information about how to support the movement, become a WeLoveDads member and/or donate to the #WeLoveDads Movement click here.

If you’d like to become a Sponsor contact Hogan Hilling at hogan@dadlyrally.com or (949) 331-8119.

Disclosure: #WeLoveDads is NOT a non-profit event or organization. Dad Marketing made the decision to be for profit to avoid competing with other non-profit organizations who rely on government funding and to also avoid being a burden to the taxpayers.